Live your Italian story

Oh, Italy – a country bursting with an abundance of treasures waiting to be explored. Yet, amid the digital noise and overwhelming influx of information, discovering the genuine essence of each region becomes a daunting task. At Unordinary Italy, we embark on a mission to amplify the unheard narratives, unveil hidden gems, and celebrate the heart and soul of regional Italy, all while championing sustainability and embracing unconventional modes of travel.

Picture this: a platform where the vibrant pulse of Italy beats loudly, where connections flourish with real people, where the untamed, authentic essence of places becomes the backdrop for your unique Italian story. Unordinary Italy is your gateway to forging unforgettable experiences, where each moment etches itself into your personal travel saga.

In our marketplace, dedicated to Italy aficionados and intrepid travelers alike, discover a curated selection of people, places and stories from regional Italy. Our journey begins in the enchanting Emilia Romagna, a region close to our founder Monica's heart. Born and bred in Sassuolo, nestled near Modena, Monica's passion for Italy and travel led her to work for eight years in esteemed travel agencies in Australia and she returns to Italy annually, scouting the unexplored corners and curating exceptional experiences.

The cliché "like a local" often echoes in travel tales, but what does it truly embody? It's about authenticity—embracing not just the past but also the present and future. Unordinary Italy infuses a contemporary spirit into your Italian odyssey, offering a fresh perspective on travel experiences. With Unordinary Italy you won’t travel like a local, you will write your own Italian story.

Are you yearning to tread off the beaten path, to revel in uncharted territories and forge connections with new faces? Look no further; you're in the right place. Share your travel dreams with us, and watch them metamorphose into vibrant, tangible realities.

Let's embark on this adventure together. Andiamo!