Parma Food Stories with Alice

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Parma Food Stories with Alice
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Join Alice on an private culinary adventure through the heart of Parma. Prepare to unravel the culinary marvels of Parma with the most extraordinary guide, Alice. Delve into the artistry of cheese-making, where Alice unveils the craftsmanship, history, and devotion behind the esteemed 'King of Cheeses,' Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto and then explore the ancient walls of Torre Chiara Castle, where history comes alive amidst its towering architecture. 

Each stop along the way has been carefully curated by Alice to showcase exceptional products and genuine Emilia hospitality. Let Alice's passion lead you on an unforgettable exploration of Parma's rich culinary heritage, where every flavour tells a story and every taste is an experience worth savouring.



About The Host



Meet Alice, hailing from the enchanting realm of Parma, a place known for its delectable food and grand opera. Pronounced "Aliche" in Italian, Alice is on a mission to share the magic of Parma's culinary wonders, whether with seasoned experts or enthusiastic newcomers.

Alice's journey began with a degree in Food & Wine Science, allowing her to transform her passion into a lifelong vocation. Her career kicked off at the Barilla Academy in 2012-2013, where she led Gourmet Tours and Taste Education programs. There, she meticulously designed and promoted tours centred around Food & Wine, unravelling the secrets of special tastes.

Through these experiences, Alice discovered her deep affinity for engaging with people. This revelation led her to become a tourist guide and tour leader, enabling her to showcase Parma's gastronomic treasures to both Italian and international visitors. She pours her heart and soul into each tour, sharing her boundless Italian enthusiasm and emotions.

We adore Alice because she'll ensure you're well-fed with the finest Prosciutto and Parmigiano Reggiano, just like a cherished Italian friend would. After all, in Alice's world, we're all friends, united by the love for exceptional food and unforgettable experiences.



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