Ravenna Art Stories with Silvia

Half-day Private Tour

Ravenna Art Stories with Silvia
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Join Silvia to explore the numerous UNESCO sites narrating Ravenna's late Roman and Byzantine tale. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of a bygone era.



About The Host



Born and raised amidst Ravenna's cultural tapestry, Silvia's world revolves around art, travel, and the intricate flavors of fine cuisine. Graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, she breathes life into antiquities through meticulous restoration and crafts mesmerizing mosaics that embody the city's artistic soul.

Certified as a tourist guide since 2000 and accredited as an Environmental Hiking Guide and Tour Leader in 2002, Silvia's expertise is unrivaled. Her mission is to reveal Ravenna's true essence, showcasing hidden gems, enchanting boutiques, and exquisite eateries that often escape the hurried traveler's eye.

From secret nooks to the city's celebrated landmarks, Silvia's tours promise a genuine immersion, painting Ravenna's portrait through the lens of a devoted local. Prepare to unravel the layers of this remarkable city and unearth its best-kept secrets, guided by someone who breathes its history and lives its beauty every day.



Things to keep in mind